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Mar 2, 2013 4:15pm EST
the country. these are for laws that will the people protecting our country and protect our national security. while that is occurring, the only work being done on sequester in the white house is being done in the press corps. the senate took up a bill yesterday that actually sets of sequester and replaces it with more spending. the cbo scores the bill as a $7.2 billion increase in spending the cbo scored the senate's homework as failing. the house has passed two bills and they are both on the house armed services committee website and they both replaced sequester with responsible cuts and both system and our national security and reduce overall spending. the president's team on sequester has said it is irresponsible and reckless and wrong and dangerous. we agree. in my community, wright-patterson air force base, 3000 people are facing furloughs my community is listed as number 3 in the nation that will be impacted by sequestration, men and women who get up and go to work every day to protect our national security. the president has broken his promise today to the american people and begins w
Mar 3, 2013 9:35pm EST
what the work we did and the stories we heard, there were stories about how the laws in lebanon on, for example, would prevent women from obtaining their passport. their employers had taken them away. i was curious about your experiences and the places you have traveled. >> it is diabolical. i am glad congress reauthorize the violence against women act. in that was the trafficking victims' protection act, which helps take away those double standards in american law. too often, we victimize the victims. in terms of internationally, that is why i referenced none of these problems are in isolation. the solutions are holistic. health is the building block of all stability. when a girl is healthy, she can go to school. she can stay in school. when she has her period, what she needs for her hygiene, she can stay in school. for every year a girl stays in school, she has her first child at an older age, and fewer children. her earning capacity skyrockets exponentially. she contributes to her family, her community, and lists the nation out of poverty. when you have laws, because the girls a
Mar 4, 2013 12:35am EST
voted for and the president signed into law. americans don't care whose idea it was. they want to see both sides come together and come up with a solution even temporarily to avert sequestration. that could have been a temporary replacement package. perhaps the president could have met with congressional leaders. that meeting on friday that he had seemed more of a a getting together of leaders on the day a suspect -- sequestration. it was less than an hour. that could have been a couple of weeks ago but during these meetings, the question remains -- will they be able to negotiate? speaker john boehner has been asked about the issue of tax revenues and he said no and the president has said any long- term approach must be a combination of spending cuts and tax revenue. it was the republican position to close the loophole floated by ms. brown may -- flooded by mitt romney -- floated by mitt romney. the white house strategy is to turn their words against them. republicans want to close tax louvre -- locals but on not in -- loopholes but not in the context of sequestration. i think they c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3